Track of the Day: Tanya George “Normality” (2020)

Tanya George

Melbourne singer-songwriter Tanya George continues to tease her forthcoming EP, this time with the release of lead single “Normality”. Written and created using George’s vocal looping techniques, “Normality” is striking to say the least. 

According to George, “The single is about questioning what is normality? What is the normal anymore in society, in our lives? What is a normal life? Am I normal? What is normal?” With Melbourne still very much in the grip of quarantine and lockdown measures, it’s a question that seems increasingly pertinent. 

With “Normality” George is also pushing against the norms of music creation. As she notes, “In 2020 we haven’t been living our normal lives so I wanted to challenge the preconceived notion of what makes ‘normal’ music. I did this by producing songs made only from my vocals”. Not only does this help show off George’s incredible vocals (she’s rocking an impressive 4.5 octave range), it also highlights that, “voices are powerful when they come together”. 

Produced by Jimmy Alexander, who also worked on the forthcoming EP, the single is striking. It’s striking in its craft and inventiveness; George’s vocal work and the interplay with the looping is superb; but it’s also striking in terms of its playfulness and feel. There’s a real sense of fun and joy surrounding it. For me, George is very much revelling in the creative process, and in finding new ways to utilise that impressive voice. 

The EP is due in October. But, until then give the single a stream below, and why not dip into the back catalogue whilst you’re at it.

“Normality” is out now. You can keep up to date with Tanya George via Facebook, Instagram, and her Official Site.

Header Photo: Good Gravy Media. 

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