Track of the Day: Sinclaire “Let’s Fly To Rome” (2020)

Sydney-based act Sinclaire have whipped up the perfect bop to kick off your Thursday. Today’s track of the day is their latest single “Let’s Fly To Rome” which just dropped this morning.

The track is the perfect escape from reality in the COVID age. The dreamy synths and airy vocals of frontman Michael Cross create a gorgeous sonic journey.

Inspired by long-distance relationships, Cross reveals that he wrote the song while dreaming of a girl who lived in another city. “I sat down and pictured packing my things and leaving my repetitive day-to-day life to go on this grandiose adventure with her.”

“Let’s Fly To Rome” continues the fascinating trajectory of band members Michael Cross (vocals), Aiden Turner (guitar), and Jake Sheath (keyboard/synth). Originally rooted in the metal and punk scenes, the band transitioned into synth-pop this year with their earlier single “I Needed You”.

Sinclaire is definitely an act to keep your eyes and ears on.

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Feature photo by Brandon Lung.

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