Track of the Day: Sam Kaiser “Good Things” (2020)

Today’s stunning Track of the Day comes courtesy of singer-songwriter Sam Kaiser. Splitting his time between Hong Kong and Ontario, Kasier’s sound is folksy and intricate, all bound together by a soulful voice that belies his youth. Fans of Passenger and José Gonzalez will find plenty to enjoy here.

Latest track “Good Things” might just be the salve we all need at the tail end of a truly difficult year. It’s a melancholy musing on the fleeting little pockets of joy that pepper our days, and a gentle reminder that in the midst of all this chaos and uncertainty, there’s still a few good things left – however small.

Kasier says:

“It’s hard to know when you’re living beautiful moments, you can only look back on them fondly and wonder why they had to end.  That sounds a bit sad, but those moments are only beautiful or “good” because they are fleeting, and that feeling is what I wanted to capture here.”

Check out the lyric video for “Good Things” below!

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