Track of the Day: Port Royal “That’s How You Want It To Be” (2019)

Earlier this month Brisbane rockers Port Royal dropped a new music video for their single, “That’s How You Want It To Be”. The track, which champions the idea of doing things your own way, is from their forthcoming EP Golden Years, which will drop next year. 

The single is brimming with feisty riffs and plenty of rock and roll swagger. It’s full of confidence and strongly buys into rock’s founding mythology of rebellion, rule breaking, and playing it your own way. Because, as vocalist and rhythm guitarist Lawson Doyle states, the track “inspires the attitude of playing it your own way; not buying into the fickle social games we all play (romantic or otherwise), and expressing your emotions with confidence and honesty.”

If you’re a Brisbane local the Joey Fraser and Julian D’Arcy created music video might look all a bit familiar to you, with the clip doing its best to capture the Brisbane nightlife. According to bassist Sam Shepherd the idea was to capture “an honest and raw visual that interpreted the intensity of what a night on the town can often feel like”. Whilst also touching “on levels of ‘first date thrill’ as you unravel each other throughout the night.”

The band are currently winding up a tour in support of the single, with three dates remaining, including a gig New Years Eve at The Elephant Hotel in Brisbane. It looks to be a strong finish to a year and a promising lead into 2020 when they’ll be releasing EP number three. 

“That’s How You Want It To Be” is available now. The band’s forthcoming EP Golden Years will drop in 2020. Keep up to date with Port Royal via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and via their Official Site.

Port Royal Tour Dates 2019

Nov 23 | Byron Bay Brewery – Byron Bay, NSW
Dec 30 | The Pacific Hotel – Yamba, NSW
Dec 31 | Elephant Hotel – Brisbane, QLD

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