Track of the Day: OK Hotel “Life is Crazy (Like That)” (2020)

Our track of the day is “Life is Crazy (Like That)”, a rollicking tune from OK Hotel, a fresh new alt-rock band out of Wollongong. This is only their second single, following on from “Swim” which was released in February. For a three-piece, they create a big sound, and are making plenty of waves. It’s got some sweet guitars, searing vocals and it’s highly contagious, but in a good way.

Talking about the meaning behind the chorus, the band noted “Everything I wanted to say came out in the ‘life is crazy like that’ chorus line. It was one of those rare occasions where the chorus wrote itself, with not much more than a single phrase. It was the very first thing I said on a voice memo and it stuck.

The song also references how as we mature and grow, sometimes it’s necessary to re-evaluate relationships. “Growing up we get worn down by things we love, and not knowing where to start mapping boundaries can be tough. The songs about unhealthy friendships and questioning what it is that keeps people together in the first place.”

They have an EP in the wings, hopefully out later this year. In the meantime, enjoy the punchy “Life is Crazy (Like That)” from a band on the rise.

“Life is Crazy (Like That)” is available on all platforms now.

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