Track of the Day: Nothing But Thieves “Real Love Song” (2020)

Nothing But Thieves

English rock band Nothing But Thieves have released the second single from their upcoming third full album, Moral Panic. The song, “Real Love Song”, which dropped last week, has a much different sound to the band’s last single.

“Is Everybody Going Crazy?” had a more modern rock feel. Whereas this single has that nostalgic 2000s vibe going for it. Almost similar to the early works of The Killers. Lead singer Conor Mason‘s voice is smooth yet deep in a soothing way. And his vocals really bring out the raw, dark gritty nature of the song’s lyrics.

Discussing the meaning behind the track, the band had this to say: 

“An interviewer in Kuala Lumpur asked us why we don’t have a huge amount of songs about relationships or love. We hadn’t really thought about it before. The answer was that songs like that have been done to death and they rarely capture what love is actually like for most. Songs tend to be idealistic or Hollywood. ‘Real Love Song’ was an attempt to write a song about love from a self-aware perspective. It’s about the darker side of love – the painful, unrequited kind. It’s love lost or love never gained. Thank you to that interviewer from Malaysia – without you, this song would never exist.”

“Real Love Song” is out now. The album, Moral Panic is set to be released on October 23rd.

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