Track of the Day: Nearly There “You Make Me High” (2020)

Nearly There is the latest project by music extraordinaire Jackson McRae. If you don’t recognise the name, you’ll have most certainly come across his work having collaborated on the likes of George Alice‘s “Stuck In A Bubble”, Japanese Wallpaper‘s GLOW LP, and Allday‘s “After All This Time”. McRae is a session musician, musical director and producer/engineer, and is now combining his multitalented pursuits for his freshly minted solo calling, Nearly There.

His second offering, “You Make Me High”, is now out in the world – an ethereal bedroom pop track of glistening keys and shimmery production contrasted with low crackles under McRae’s soothing vocals. Of the latest release, McRae said:

‘”You Make Me High” started as a post break up love song from what feels like a lifetime ago. For years it sat in a folder of demos until I stumbled across it during Melbourne’s COVID-19 lockdown. Suddenly it took on a new meaning. No longer for a singular person, “You Make Me High” is a love song for family, friends and anyone who needs it. It’s about remembering the small moments we share and cherishing them as the bedrock that every relationship is built off.’

Written, produced and recorded by himself, the single is the perfect extension from his debut track “On My Side”. It’s early days for Nearly There, but exciting ones nonetheless.

“Your Make Me High” by Nearly There is out now.

Tait McGregor