Track of the Day: Jon Hopkins “Singularity” (2018)

Today saw Jon Hopkins release what he described as “the single most epic video I’ve ever made.” It’s pretty clear within seconds of watching that this is completely justified, and not just some egocentric statement. The video in question accompanies “Singularity”, the title track from his latest record, and is a continuation of the expansive soundscape Hopkins has perfected, using his innovative and experimental production skills.

Blending fantasy and reality the video follows a male and female protagonist as they run, fly and fight through derelict forests and buildings, smashing things in their way. The two characters illustrate Hopkins ability to blend conflicting emotions; showing signs of love and hatred as they dance and battle their way through the scenery. Constantly drawing inspiration from nature in his songs, the video uses harrowing wind and strikes of lightening to add intensity to the already building aggression and atmosphere.

Receiving help on the video from Academy Film’s director, and long term friend and collaborator Seb Edwards, Hopkins explained this was the first time they have had complete freedom to create a video for his music. Praising Edwards’ work and summarising the video Hopkins says: “He translated the themes of destruction and defiance that I fed into the music into a powerful, violent ballet between male and female and I totally love it.” Whilst, Edwards explained: “I wanted to capture the feeling of defiance that rises from the initial brutality. The track is ultimately about acceptance and finding peace in nature.”

Isolating while liberating, and eerie while ambient, Hopkins creates a deep consciousness orbiting all temperaments and feelings with his deep acid house sound. The sheer brilliance of this video, shows blockbuster capabilities and allows us the follow the story of the characters while each taking something uniquely powerful and alluring away from it.

So make sure you listen to the album before Jon Hopkins hits our shores in the New Year playing Laneway Festival in all major cities.  For more information about Laneway click HERE.

Upcoming Jon Hopkins Australian live dates:

Sat 2nd Feb 2019 – Laneway Festival, Brisbane
Sun 3rd Feb 2019 – Laneway Festival, Sydney
Fri 8th Feb 2019 – Laneway Festival, Adelaide
Sat 9th Feb 2019 – Laneway Festival, Melbourne
Sun 10th Feb 2019 – Laneway Festival, Fremantle

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