Track of the Day: Hotel Mira “Jungle” (2018)

The latest track “Jungle” from Vancouver based band Hotel Mira is a bright, triumphant exploration of young love and adolescence and you are bound to adore it. With an energetic and unmatchably exuberant introduction, the song tells an incredibly heartfelt story about someone’s high school experiences that was written after watching Greta Gerwig’s film Ladybird. On the track, the band said:

“The truth is, more often than not, young love is a suicide mission that you aren’t ready for. “Jungle” is a big, messy, triumphant celebration of that. It is a salute to every broken teenage heart and to the tradition of music that I listened to that nursed me through those failed experiments at human connection.”

Formerly known as JPNGIRLS, in April 2018 band member Charlie Kerr announced that the band was renaming as Hotel Mira on social media and the band’s website and since than it’s been all flying colours and fantastic new tracks. Their mix of indie-pop and grungy rock influences leave the band as a genre-defying act that fans of Australian band’s PLTS and Bad Pony will love, as well as fans of prominent indie bands like The Wombats and The Kaiser Chiefs.

Produced by Eric Ratz, the track is the perfect introduction to the warmer months and the youthful, anthemic melody is bound to get stuck in your head very quickly. Though its outside is spirited and lively, the inner workings of the song look closely at adolescence and the band have noted that the song focuses on the inability at that age to possess the emotional maturity and the ability to effectively communicate within intimate relationships. Explosive, animated whilst still deep and reflective, Hotel Mira’s “Jungle” is the perfect track to start off your week.

To find out more about Hotel Mira, you can find them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube