Track of the Day: Harmony Byrne “The Good Days & The Bad Days” (2020)

Harmony Byrne

Singer-songwriter Harmony Byrne returns this week with a new single, the quietly devastating “The Good Days & The Bad Days”. The single, written and recorded during quarantine in the Bush, is the first from her forthcoming acoustic EP The Songs I Sing When No One Is Listening – due early 2021.  

“The Good Days & The Bad Days” is stripped back and sublime. It’s all very minimalist, as you’d perhaps expect from a quarantine recording set-up, with Byrne accompanying herself on acoustic guitar, and supplying the hummed counter melody too. Hauntingly beautiful, it captures and conveys ideas of solitude, isolation and a longing for connection so well. 

Here’s what Bryne had to say about the single:

“‘The Good Days & The Bad Days’ is the first song I wrote off the forthcoming E.P, after COVID hit Melbourne. I was (still am) feeling a lot of empathy for our society, which has been engineered to capitalize on our insecurities, making us feel like we aren’t enough, and even pitting us against each other. Although ‘the world’ might not give a shit, there are those of us that do. I just wanna poke that shithole in the butt so we can all live our lives with love and respect for each other and our planet. This song is somewhat a prayer of surrender and a plea for connection.”

“The Good Days & The Bad Days” is out now. You can keep up to date with Harmony Byrne via Facebook and Instagram.

Header Photo: Carl Lindeberg

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