Track of the Day: Harmony Byrne “Smoke Inside” (2019)

Australian soul singer Harmony Byrne has just released her latest single, “Smoke Inside”, and it’s sending shivers down our spines. Brooding and bluesy, it’s the third single from debut LP Heavy Doors, due out later this year.

The third of seven kids born to a Melbourne Mormon family, Byrne’s story reads like something out of a movie. Her love of music began in church, before she discovered rock n roll as a teenager. A Waldorf School of Arts alumnus, she spent years building a name on her home turf, before the bright lights and big cities of America beckoned her. Now she’s producing albums with Spoon‘s Jim Eno, making music videos in upstate New York, and launching singles in Brooklyn. Not too bad for a kid from Victoria.

Combining influences such as Jeff Buckley, Janis Joplin, and Led Zeppelin, Byrne’s sound really packs a punch. It’s soulful, almost gospel at times, with blues, alt-rock, and folk all hoping for a look in too. It’s exciting and emotive, and we think you’re going to love her voice just as much as we do!

Of writing “Smoke Inside” she says:

“As a child I was told that I was a drama queen. Initially, I mistook this as being a negative aspect of my personality and struggled to express myself. But thankfully, I was also taught to have self-worth, honesty, integrity, and that I only ever need be myself in a world full of frauds. “Smoke Inside” is all about valuing who you are, no matter how wild or tame, and that if someone you love doesn’t let you light up inside, then they are not the match for you.”

Check it out below!

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Header Photo: Jessica Foley

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