Track of the Day: Ezra Collective “Dark Side Riddim” (2020)

Ezra Collective

London’s Ezra Collective are back with new music. The first since the release of their debut album Can’t Steal My Joy last year. The release, a special double A-side single, also follows the band’s first visit to Australia earlier this year, beating the pandemic upheaval to play Golden Plains and Womadeliade. 

The group are releasing the double A-side in support of Record Store Day. It features two upbeat instrumentals, the previously released “Samuel L. Riddim” (previously released digitally as Mace Windu Riddim”) and the as yet unreleased “Dark Side Riddim”. 

The 12” single, which is limited to only 1,000 copies worldwide, comes on a colour splattered vinyl and is housed in a gatefold sleeve featuring a comic depicting a sci-fi reimagining of the band’s origin story. Here’s what band member Femi Koleoso had to say about the release: 

“Releasing music is always a special feeling. A documentation of where we are at. Like a photo of a snapshot. That feeling is made so much more special when there’s a vinyl that can accompany that snapshot. Records mean a lot to us. Record Store Day means a lot to us. This contribution means the world.”

The London jazz scene is on fire at the moment. Listening to Can’t Steal My Joy and these two instrumentals it isn’t hard to see why Ezra Collective are amongst the scene’s most in demand acts. There is a such a sense of joy and exuberance to their music that it’s hard not to get caught up in it all. In that regard, “Dark Side Riddim”  is more of the same. But, when what you are dishing out is this good, this much fun, why change?

“Dark Side Riddim / Samuel L Riddim” is available digitally now. The limited 12″ single will be available tomorrow as part of Record Store Day. You can find out more of what to expect for the new look Record Store Day Australia HERE.

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