Track of the Day: Chloe Lilac “Summer” (2018)

Before we even had time to think about new music, Brooklyn-based teen Chloe Lilac has backed up her recent single “Stolen Liquor” with another vibrant new track “Summer”.

From humble beginnings, sneaking out to perform on the streets of New York at just 14, Lilac’s passion for music and performance is echoed in her soulful production and delicate voice. Her lo-fi styling and sincere lyrics have established her as one to watch, with her first ever song, “Reckless”, entering the Top 5 on the U.S. Spotify Viral Chart and previous single “Stolen Liquor” gaining widespread critical praise, quickly rising to #1 on the Hype Machine ‘Popular Chart.’

Lilac has previously proven she is the master of bedroom pop, but “Summer” flaunts a new element of exploding teen angst rock, similar to that of our beloved Australian artist, Ruby Fields. With a mellow start and a chorus reminiscent of The Thompson Twins at their best, the track’s effortless and sultry gloss exhibits an age old sophistication; all without losing Lilac’s sentimental expression of modern youthfulness that is rooted in all her music. Her minimalistic synthy tones, blended with a strong acoustic beat, build and erupt before trickling back down to her somber, moody sound, providing a depth from Lilac that we haven’t heard before.

Beaming sweet nostalgic rays and encompassing everything a good road trip song should have. “Summer” is a song all ears can appreciate, and one that in years to come will undoubtedly bring you straight back to 2018 – cringing and laughing about all those drunk nights and old romances. Lilac’s warm atmospheric pop and tales of teens in effervescent New York City are remarkably similar to that of 2018 overnight success King Princess, showing huge promise that Chloe Lilac is on the verge of her well deserved breakthrough. 

“Summer” is available everywhere now! To find out more about budding artist Chloe Lilac head over to her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, chuck her a follow and wait for the world to catch onto this gem over the next few months.