Track of the Day: Charlie Finn “Going Blind” (2019)

Born and raised in Ohio, alt-country singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Charlie Finn made his way to Sydney back in 2013, but stayed musically true to his Midwest roots. “Going Blind” is the second single from his forthcoming EP, and is a follow-up to “Picking Up The Pieces“, which launched earlier this year.

Recorded with Sydney pop artist Lola Scott on accompanying vocals, and Mikhail Hofmann on guitar, “Going Blind” is a tale of unrequited love, of falling harder for someone than they’ve fallen for you.

Give it a listen below!

Sydneysiders can catch Charlie on the following dates:

August 23rd: BVH Hotel, Sydney (“Going Blind” release show)
September 1st: King Street Crawl, Sydney.

Stay up to date with all things Charlie Finn via his Facebook.

Photo credit: Arlo Pyne

Jodie Sloan

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