Track of the Day – Beverly Kills “Revellers” (2019)

Coming in at a short, but blistering two and a half minutes is the fourth single from Sweden’s Beverly Kills. “Revellers” follows on from the bands three single releases in 2018 – “Fourteen”, “Melodrama” and “Dreamless”. Like the band’s previous singles, the new track mixes complex and dark lyrical content with energetic and vibrant sonic landscapes.



Alma Westerlund’s vocals are soft and dreamy as she sings “there’s nothing left to kill but ourselves” repeatedly over a turbulent and aggressive rhythm section from Viggo Mattson and Hampus Hoggren. The lyric comes from rhythm guitarist John Jonsen hearing about the increasing numbers of the ‘Bystander Effect’ – a psychological phenomenon where members of the public are less likely to offer assistance to someone in need when there are other people around. The song is set in a hypothetical world where we have killed off everyone and everything to satisfy our need to see death and chaos, “until there’s nothing left to kill but ourselves”.

Whilst the band don’t have any dates in Australia planned just yet, they have announced their signing with Australian indie label Hell Beach. Their signing will be paired with a limited edition 7″ vinyl of “In This Dim Light/Melodrama” on blue vinyl and limed to 100 copies in April.

To find out more information about Beverly Kills and their upcoming 7″ release you can head to the Hell Beach website HERE.