Track of the Day: Apollo Blue “Moonchild” (2020)

Apollo Blue

“Moonchild” is the debut single from singer-songwriter, and self described “Prosecco drinking pop rock witch from the future” Apollo Blue. 

Recorded in Melbourne in 2019, the single, with its nod to the genre classics, is an ode to self-empowerment. As debut singles go, I doubt you’d find many with as much assuredness, swagger, or theatricality. 

For me, “Moonchild” hits all the right notes; and Apollo Blue and his band do not make a wrong step. Everything, from the guitar work, to the percussion, those sweet backing vocals and finally that lead vocal from Apollo, are all on the money. Even the story behind the song’s inspiration is theatrical, evocative and steeped in a mythology that comes easy to rock music: 

“”Moonchild” was written in the middle of the night after I had left a grungy gig and was strutting home in the rain through wintry Melbourne with my favourite black boots and silver glitter pants on.  I felt free and powerful still reeling from the excitement of the nightlife. I noticed an on-looker from their balcony and wondered who they were and what they thought of me: a mysterious platinum blonde racing through a storm in the middle of the night. I developed this into an ominous character, The Moonchild, who only emerges at night and lives off of rain clouds and stormy skies.”

Despite evoking the likes of David BowieFreddie Mercury and others, we actually have Lady Gaga to thank for the emergence of Apollo Blue. Raised in country South Australia, Apollo Blue was propelled into a life of music and drama following a chance encounter with the star. This encounter convinced him to pursue music and drama in Year 12. Since then, Apollo has studied music at Collarts in Melbourne under the mentorship of ARIA-award winning rock siblings Ella and Jesse Hooper of Killing Heidi.

The danger when your debut single is this good is that you set yourself a high bar. We’ll just have to stick around and see whether Apollo Blue can clear it on the next release. Take a listen to “Moonchild”, get on the Apollo Blue train, I think it could end up being quite the journey.

“Moonchild” is out now. You can find, follow and keep up to date with Apollo Blue on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Simon Clark

Books Editor. An admirer of songs and reader of books. Simon has a PhD in English and Comparative Literature. All errant apostrophes are his own.