Track of the Day: Allan Rayman “Rose” (2018)

Singer-Songwriter, and oft-dubbed “most mysterious man in music”, Allan Rayman has recently dropped a new single. “Rose” is the first taste from Rayman’s forthcoming album, Harry Hard-On, which is set for release on November 16th. 

Rayman, now based in Toronto, remains something of an enigma. He rarely grants interviews, his social media presence is minimal at best. He’s practically the antithesis of the modern music industry, and likely a publicist’s worst nightmare. Despite all that he racks up about 450,000+ monthly listeners on Spotify. But then, who doesn’t love a bit of mystery? nCurrently, Rayman has two albums to his name, 2016’s Hotel Allan and Roadhouse 01, which was released last year. Both of which are excellent, and well worth a listen if you’re not already familiar with Rayman’s work.

“Rose”, a track which explores the dark side of fandom, and the idea that you never really know who is in the audience, sees Rayman continuing to work within his familiar style. It’s firmly rooted within a R&B frame of reference, albeit one that’s darker than most, and mixes elements of 80’s rock and 90’s grunge to great effect. It’s moody, ominous, and more than a little creepy at times. I mean just listen to those lyrics (and watch the video). It’s a strong opening salvo ahead of next month’s album release, and a great introduction to Rayman’s distinctive creative style and vocals for those unfamiliar with his work.  

“Rose” is available now. Harry Hard-On is released November 16th through Universal Music Canada/Republic Records/KIDindaKorner. You can find out more about Allan Rayman at his Official Site, or follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Header Image: Steph Verschuren

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