Tour Diary: Australia’s Fatai makes her Austin City Limits Debut

ACL still feels like a dream. Some of the most fun weekends of my short lived life so far! Especially for an Aussie kid who left school at 13 with a dream to change the world through music, this opportunity became my classroom to learn from my peers, make new friends, show and tell, and connect new dots that couldn’t have been as divine if I didn’t take the risks to chase after my dreams.

It seems like a ‘meant to be’ experience with nothing short of a phenomenal time with some of my favourite people. From watching the legend Paul McCartney show me how it’s done, to playing my own freaken set at Tito’s Handmade Vodka stage twice, I can honourably and gratefully say I was apart of something bigger than me! And now I can tick off the list I’ve performed at the one and only ACL festival alongside my talented super women band in which I pulled together just for the festival and with my new dream team and American family by my side supporting and dreaming big with me! Here’s to a great first and hopefully not the last!

Pete Gillies and Tommy Merrill. Cheers to my two brothers and co-visionaries who aren’t afraid of believing big with me! They made ACL both a real dream and a dream of a reality.

Weekend 2. Music is powerful but the heart is what’s magnetic. Drawing crowds is not my job. Being authentically me is the requirement. You draw as you are being drawn. You lead as you are being lead. The human does the loving and God does the drawing.

Weekend 2. Bloody oath, it’s hot but man ­I’m having fun!

Paul McCartney headlining on Weekend 2. Student = me / my teacher = Sir Paul McCartney.

Pete Gillies. 5 years and just getting started! Building the kingdom with this guy is one of my greatest joys in life!

In the green room before performing on weekend 2. Surround yourself with eagles, not pigeons.

Performing for Bedstock ­- an initiative of Portland­-based MyMusicRx organisation that builds programs for seriously ill children. Reaching my hand out to the world, one song at a time, one stage at a time!

Danae Greenfield, Fatai and Tiana Ohara. I’ve been following these girls and their music journeys online for a couple of months now. I messaged both of them and asked if they would do me the honour of playing at ACL with me. They both said yes, so I flew them out a day before our first show to rehearse, and with just one day to meet each other for the first time and play with each other for the first time, we slayed the sets together and had fun whilst doing it! My favourite thing about music is there are no rules. Taking risks can reward you ten fold more than it would staying in your comfort zone! I said to myself “yolo” and these two helped realise a 10 year old dream I had of an all female band one day and testing the waters proves to be rewarding and joy giving! These two will go far. No coz they are talented but they are kind people. Also, I’m forever here for woman empowerment!

Weekend 1. JOY is my fuel

Backstage ready to perform on weekend 1. Fatai was here.


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