Tour Diaries: Lowlakes in Europe with Half Moon Run: Part Three

We’ve just returned home to Melbourne after finishing of our Euro tour with Canadians Half Moon Run. The trip covered Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland with all shows, bar one, selling out! After 33 hours in transit we’re pretty exhausted but will expend our remaining energy on one final diary entry.

Our final show, and perhaps our favourite of the trip, was in Zurich. It was our second show in Zurich for 2013, having played there in May with Chet Faker. We were stoked that we got to visit the city’s old world charm once again.

We’d played Berlin a few days earlier and managed to get a bit of sightseeing in in-between shooting for our next film clip for the lead single from our debut record, Iceberg Nerves. We found a dingy basement, filled with creepy mannequins. Brent managed to capture this classic shot of Tom’s lazy eye during shooting.

This shot (below) is taken from inside Berlin’s Jewish Museum, looking across the 10,000 iron faces that make up Menashe Kadishman’s installation in homage to past, present and future innocent victims of conflict.

Inevitably, we came across some amazing street art in Berlin. We were camped in the suburb of Kreuzberg, which seemed to have a larger than life piece on every second building. We dedicate this pic to Izaac from Half Moon Run, whose nickname is ‘Iceman’.

Touring with Half Moon Run has been really special. The concerts have been some of our most memorable yet and the band and crew have been great fun to be on the road with. Half Moon Run will be here in Australia in January 2014 – we highly recommend that you check them out!

We will be back in Europe with our album in March and April next year. Thanks to the AU review for hosting our diary on their site. Follow us on SoundCloud and Facebook to stay up to date with the release of our debut album!


Larry Heath

Founding Editor and Publisher of the AU review. Currently based in Toronto, Canada. You can follow him on Twitter @larry_heath or on Instagram @larryheath.