Top 20 Splendour in the Grass 2010 Music Videos: Part Three – 10 to 6


Next week will bring one of the most stressful days for any music fan in Australia with a chunk of change in their pockets – the day Splendour in the Grass goes on sale – it’s Australia’s Glastonbury in more ways than one. And to celebrate the amazing lineup, we’re counting down the top 20 music videos by the artists you’ll be seeing at the Woodford grounds! And today we bring you 10 to 6…


The Drums – Let’s Go Surfing

Fresh out of SXSW, and NME’s “next big thing”, the new force that are The Drums probably won’t be known by too many of the kids who end up with a ticket – but they’ll all be screaming their names by the time they leave Woodford. They play the sort of music that’s so familiar, we may as well have been listening to it a decade ago. The Drums – the new band you didn’t realise you grew up with. Only you didn’t. You may know this little ditty already:


Mumford and Sons – The Cave

With “Little Lion Man” overkill, “The Cave” has quickly become my favourite Mumford and Sons track – and the video is superb. Simple, well executed – it gets the feet tapping and the voice singing along. Easily the hottest band in Australia right about now, and deservedly so I might add, they’re going to KILL it at Splendour. Can’t wait!


Florence and the Machine – You’ve Got The Love

Oh, The Voice! She was incredible at Laneway, and we’re lucky enough to get her back so soon after the completely sold out tour in January/February. This is my favourite of her videos, and one of her most powerful vocal numbers. High School Prom meets “Crazy For You” with heaps of glitter. What could be wrong with that!? I know it’s the 13th time I’ve said this, but you can’t miss this INCREDIBLE performer.


Jonathan Boulet – A Community Service Announcement

Coming in as the highest ranking Australian artist on our list is Jonathan Boulet. Now a lot of you may consider there to be a lot of higher quality local acts on the lineup. Sure, that might be the case. Paul Kelly, for one. But this is an artist who is just coming into his own, an artist who has so much talent and potential that he has been chosen not only because he’s already made one of the catchiest songs in recent years – with an amazing video to boot – but because he’s going to put on one hell of a show. And that’s something we can’t ignore. It’s what Splendour is all about.


Jonsi – Go Do

Hero. It’s not a word I throw around often, but that’s how I feel about Jonsi, best known for his work as the frontman of Sigur Ros. He’s such an amazing performer, an incredible musician, continually keeping the industry guessing what’s coming next. While some Sigur Ros fanatics were disappointed in the upbeat nature of his new solo album, and his use of the English language – I couldn’t be enjoying it more. And this track is not only the single, with a killer video – but it’s the best song on the album, too. I can’t wait to see Jonsi bring it at Splendour.

Watch it now!

Tickets are on sale next Thursday at 9am! And we’ll have the TOP 5 for you on Tuesday!

Larry Heath

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