The VANNS give us a gear rundown with their new album Last of Your Kind

Credit: Senor Friday

Sydney indie-rock quartet The VANNS have returned with their sophomore record Last of Your Kind, released 19 May. Featuring the singles “Making it Out Alive”, “Haunted” and “Ever”, the anticipated new album follows from their 2019 debut full-length Through the Walls.

In support of the album, the band treated fans to an intimate East Coast tour this month where they played Last of Your Kind in full, from front-to-back, for the first and only time. The album was recorded at The Music Farm in Byron Bay by Chris Collins (Skegss, Middle Kids) and reflects the evolved version of The VANNS with updated inspirations.

We had guitarist/vocalist Cameron Little give us a gear rundown of what was used to create their sound on the album and tour.

Toy Glockenspiel

I bought this glockenspiel on eBay about a decade ago for like $10 and never touched it. I chucked it in the van when we headed up to Byron to record the final batch of songs and used it on the chorus of “Ever”. It’s actually quite difficult to play due to its small size and my inherent inaccuracy. $10 well spent, I say.

Suhr Bella

I used this amp teamed up with a Vox AC30 for the whole record. It’s so simple to use and gives me a great clean tone to build upon using pedals. I bought it a few years ago from a guy in the Central Coast. Jim and I characteristically turned the trip to go and pick it up into a week away.

Gibson Les Paul

As any left-handed guitar player will tell you, purchasing quality guitars can be pretty difficult, especially if you like to try before you buy. I saw this on and knew it was all over when I started saving pictures of it in my camera roll. I bought it online from Chicago and just prayed it wasn’t a dud. When it finally showed up at my place and I popped the latches, I was stoked! I bloody love this guitar.

Fender Strat

I found this second-hand Strat online and picked it up from some guy’s garage in Marrickville in 2015. I think I paid like $550 for it or something. It has a really throaty sound to it, and is a lot harder to play than my other Strat. There’s nothing special about either of my Strats though. Both Mexican, both fairly stock.

Boss ES-8

Although this pedal has no tonal benefits (it doesn’t affect the sound of the guitar at all), a couple of years ago, I realised I was tapdancing on my pedals so much during our sets. I did a big YouTube tutorial dive and learnt the ins and outs of this switcher. It’s made playing live so much breezier, especially with its midi capabilities working with the Strymon’s. A game changer!

Last of Your Kind is available to stream everywhere. Stay connected with The VANNS on Facebook and Instagram for more!