The Red Brigade to appear with Papa Chango as part of the 2011 Darebin Music Feast

The Red Brigade will be appearing with Papa Chango as part of the 2011 Darebin Music Feast in a combined cabaret show featuring the talents of twelve remarkable women and the afrobeat, dub-reggae, dancefloor rhythms of Papa Chango.

Australia’s original Girl Brigade, espousing the motto of the movement that is
sweeping the world: “Take your passion and make it happen!” Performing an eclectic blend of funk, blues and brass music from around the globe, more and more young women are breaking free from shackles’ of creative confinement to discover the power of self expression through marching and music.

With performances at The Big Day Out, Falls Festival and Next Wave Don’t be
surprised to find rapping, tap dancing, acrobatics and sultry songs all in the one show.

After a random encounter at the City Baths in the barrios of Melbourne and realising a mutual appreciation for the divinity of thunder and lightning, the eight members of Papa Chango have been weaving dark threads of psychedelic soul into illuminated tapestries of afro infused funk in the Melbourne scene for the last 5 years.

Whether you’re lulled into a trance by Ethiopian inspired melodies, energised by afro beat dance rhythms or wooed by sexy soul and funk vibes, you will be moved by Papa Chango.

Thursday 8th September 2011
Northcote Social Club
301 High Street, Northcote
Doors open 8:00pm
Tickets $12.00

This event is part of the 2011 Darebin Music Feast.