The Mercy Kills – New Rule (2010 EP)

Melbourne four piece The Mercy Kills make all the gritty, dirty things in life seem gloriously attractive with their sleazy rock and roll. It’s something that was made for brandishing devil’s horns in the mosh pit. Their hard rock sound isn’t reinventing the wheel, but they play with such a furious energy that it’s impossible not to enjoy the massive riffs and spiralling rhythms that predominate on New Rule.

Opener “I Wanna” exudes sex, with the hypnotic bass line and pounding drums that reach a hedonistic climax with vocalist Mark Entwistle’s husky cries. “New Rule” has all the feeling of a stadium rock anthem, with it’s soaring riffs and sing-a-long chorus. “So Many Times” is an intense explosion of high energy guitar and features an exhilarating old-school style solo that will rock your socks off. “Fall” is one of the band’s stronger tracks and sees them gnashing their teeth with Entwistle’s venomous vocal delivery, exacerbated by the fierce rhythms and frenetic drumming. “Go” ends the record hard and fast with the brooding atmospherics culminating in a haze of distortion.

The Mercy Kills make music that is overflowing with attitude. New Rule showcases their tight musicianship and lust for harder-edged rock that is begging to be experienced loud and live. If you enjoy big rock stylings that are dripping in filth and depravity than check out The Mercy Kills. You won’t be disappointed.

Review Score: 7/10