The Jezabels + Deep Sea Arcade – Oxford Art Factory (09.04.10)


Here at AU review HQ, one Australian band you’ll often hear me rave about are incredible Sydney quartet The Jezabels. They’re just about to embark on a national tour with Tegan & Sara – a band who have a history of taking bands away from us (An Horse). So I beg of you, T&S, please don’t remind The Jezabels that there’s success awaiting them overseas! Please!

In advance of the national tour, The Jezabels gave Sydney fans a treat – a special headline show (sold out, of course) at the Oxford Art Factory, with support from Sydney five piece Deep Sea Arcade. The quintet delivered a profoundly engaging performance, once again giving precedence to the hype. And as it goes with every time I see them – more and more people were singing along. This is indeed a band on the rise, so don’t miss Deep Sea Arcade!

Whether it’s the stunning beauty and voice we find in lead vocalist Hayley Mary, the powerful lyrics, or the damn right gorgeous melodies that hold it all together – it’s difficult to find anything not to love about The Jezabels. Their music is warm and fuzzy, grabbing you from the moment it begins (in this case with “Easy to Love” off their EP She’s So Hard) holding you tightly as the melodies and vocals drift over. Then, just as quickly as it begins, they let you go with “Into the Ink”. You just can’t help but feel like you need that warmth a little longer, but it finds a way to stay with you throughout the night.

Tracks like “Disco Biscuit Love” and “Hurt Me”, two of their earliest singles, gain the loudest reception from the crowd, but with the crowd seeming to know every other song too, it’s a slight matter of comparison. And we have the fact the band are as tight as you get to thank for this fact. To take already profound songs, and then amplify their effects live, is a true rarity in this business, and The Jezabels do it with unseen precision.

Once they have you hooked, you’ll listen to anything they produce – and with 2 EPs under their belt, we can’t help but eagerly anticipate what they pull out next.

The Jezabels, I think I love you. Just putting it out there.

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Full Setlist:

– Easy To Love
– Unmarked Helicopters
– Disco Biscuit Love
– The Man Is Dead
– Electric Lover
– Old Little Girls
– Hands Tied
– Violent Dream
– New One
– Hurt Me
– Into The Ink

Larry Heath

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