The Bands That Made The Beer: Casey’s Brewery

In our new series, we’re taking a dive into local independent breweries and doing our best impression of being a Cicerone, by matching the brewery’s beers with a band. We’ll be taste testing the best a brewery has to offer and teaming tipples with tracks, all to make that drinking experience even more special.

This time we’ll be taking a look at Casey’s Brewery, a new-ish brewery built on a wealth of brewing experience and knowledge from head brewer and owner Pat Casey.

Casey’s Brewery is an independent 1,800-litre production brewery nestled in the industrial area of Jamisontown, a suburb of Penrith and just a stones throw from the home of the mighty Penrith Panthers. Having commenced brewing in April 2015, Casey’s initially hosted gypsy brewers and brewed under contract; something they still do today. Taking the plunge to open up under his own name, Casey’s now proudly brews a core range of six beers, four seasonal small batch releases, and a cider for good measure.

We sat down with head brewer and owner Pat to sample a few of his best brews and decide which bands match best with the drinking experience at Casey’s Brewery.


Alcohol content: 5%
Tasting notes: Of all his beers, the dark ale Night is Pat’s favourite. It has a smooth and balanced complexity with flavours of rum ’n’ raisin chocolate. The bitterness is gentle and restrained and matches perfectly with Miles Davis’ 1959 album Kind of Blue. Davis leads a stellar lineup, including John Coltrane, to create one of the greatest records ever made according to Pat. The music is restrained and understated, yet intensely focused, just like the Night dark ale. Every element of the music is perfectly placed. All this draws you into the complexity of the music. There is an introspective pleasure to both the beer and the album, best enjoyed together in the quiet of the late night.

Casey’s Brewery recommends teaming it with: Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue
The AU Review recommends: Horns of Leroy – “Flex”, Taj Ralph – “Just Fine”


Alcohol content: 5.2%
Tasting notes: Lounge is a pilsner inspired ale. It’s golden and malty and has a long firm bitterness littered with plenty of Saaz hop characters. Designed for a good time with friends on a Saturday night, the Lounge is quality viewing and consuming. Drawing inspiration from Frank Zappa’s album One Size Fits All, the name of the beer is drawn directly from the album cover.

Casey’s Brewery recommends teaming it with: Frank Zappa’s One Size Fits All
The AU Review recommends: Wet Leg – “Ur Mum”, The Lazy Eyes – “Fuzz Jam (Harvey Sutherland remix)”

Mitsu IPA

Alcohol content: 7%
Tasting notes: Mitsu is a big malty Amarillo single hop IPA clocking in at a juicy and reliably full bodied 7%. With that in mind, the smoothness of the Mitsu belies the alcohol content. Dangerously and desperately moreish, the beer is sweet to taste and wholesome with a bitter undertone, and is best paired with the Lucinda William classic “Can’t Let Go”.

Casey’s Brewery recommends teaming it with: Lucinda Williams – “Can’t Let Go”
The AU Review recommends: Charlie Collins – “Backseat Valentine”, The Teskey Brothers – “Louisa”

Belgian Aniseed Ale

Alcohol content: 5.2%
Tasting notes: A small batch transient release, the Belgian Aniseed Ale is pale and slightly hazy, drawn from a good amount of wheat malt. Lightly bittered and with a nice peppery fermentation character from the Belgian yeast, the beer is tied together and finished off with an infusion of aniseed. Starting off lightly in taste and culminating with the full flavour of aniseed by the end of the glass, the Belgian Ale is best had in moderation and in great company.

Casey’s Brewery recommends teaming it with: Oscar Peterson – “Stormy Weather”
The AU Review recommends: Gang of Youths – “Brothers”, Arctic Monkeys – “Fluorescent Adolescent”

Mexican Cerveza

Alcohol content: 5.2%
Tasting notes: Another seasonal smatch release, the Mexican Cerzeva is 5:00 pm on a Friday afternoon after you’ve logged off the work email and already switched into weekend mode. Pale straw in colour and slightly dry with sweet notes, this is the type of beer all Corona lovers will froth. The lightly bittered lemony profile provides character and atmosphere for those looking to enjoy themselves.

Casey’s Brewery recommends teaming it with: Blake Dantier – “Last Call”
The AU Review recommends: Reel Big Fish – “Beer”, Polish Club – “Boys on Vacation”

You can visit Casey’s Brewery at 4/53-55 Regentville Rd, Jamisontown NSW – find out more through their website and Facebook.