the AU interview: Spindrift (Delaware)

Californian psyche-rockers Spindrift took time out of their schedule to catch up with the AU review about their work in movie soundtracks, their new album and the accompanying documentary film.

How would you describe your sound?

Spindrift is a cinematically driven psychedelic spaghetti western rock band.

Who would you say are your main influences?

Our prime influence is the marriage between Music and Film. Especially of the Western genre(ex: Once Upon A Time in the West), Lalo Schiffrin(The Bullitt Soundtrack), The Doors, Bollywood Music, The Sons of the Pioneers(Cool Water), and many traditional styles with Mariachi, Spanish, Surf, Egyptian, and Eastern elements.

How do you approach the songwriting?

Our process has been one of re-invention. The idea of redefining the music over years and years of rehearsal, tours, live gigs, and studio expertise has helped us to mold our sound. Many times songs are inspired by a scene from a film, or a concept given by a Director to score. Although Kirpatrick Thomas is the prime composer, we all share in much of the writing and have many instruments to choose from. The possibilities are endless and this is what keeps things fresh and unique.

Favourite Western?

Once Upon A Time in the West(Soundtrack by Ennio Morricone).

How did you get involved with the soundtrack for the Tarantino produced movie Hell Ride?

We had previously scored and produced a film called “The Legend of God’s Gun”(directed by Mike Bruce), the trailer was seen by an editor for Hell Ride(Blake West). From there, Blake chose several of our tunes to use. “Indian Run” stuck! Although its quite a small cult film and soundtrack, we seen much work time and time again from “The Legend of God’s Gun”. It’s music has also been used in East Bound & Down(HBO), Californication, El Gringo(Christian Slater), The Treasure of the Black Jaguar(Mike Bruce), and DUST UP(diected by Ward Roberts) to name a few.

You’ve worked on many soundtracks, do you approach them differently to say a normal album?

I would say we approach EACH and EVERY song and album differently across the board. It seems that every time we are presented with an opportunity to write, score, record, release something new, it’s always a unique situation. What we can do is use our experience and collective minds to make it happen only the way Spindrift can do it.

Highlight of 2012?

The great thing about Spindrift is that we tour our butts off. In 2012, we did a very special tour: The Ghost Town Tour. We went out in the Fall and documented ourselves performing old western tunes in very remote areas across the Western United States. Although we have done many “rock” tours, the uniqueness of this tour made the others pale in comparison. Another HUGE event was the release of the film “DUST UP”.

What does 2013 hold for the band?

In 2013, we shall see the release of the Album and Documentary Film companion “Spindrift: Ghost of the West”(Directed by Burke Roberts), which followed our Ghost Town Tour in Fall 2012. We will tour the Northwest, to SXSW, greater United States, Europe, and hopefully Australia in promotion of this release, then begin work on Classic Soundtracks Vol. 2 and beyond!!!