the AU interview at Canadian Music Week: Selaphonic (Queensland) on their love for North America and EP release

Tim and Jamie from Selaphonic caught up with Larry at the Aussie BBQ at Canadian Music Week earlier this year. Describing the city as “Melbourne on heat upon heat upon heat”, half of the electric indie-pop band sum up their time so far in Toronto and reveal their future plans. Click through to find out more…

When told by their label to just go to CMW, Tim was more than ready; “Let’s go to Toronto!”, he recounts. With show upon show to play, six all up, they’ve also had the chance to catch Betty and Oswald live with other great Australian bands. Jamie is more than grateful to be thrown in the mix with such a high caliber of live acts saying;
“I’m humbled by the whole experience” – “…is that just because people are giving you free beer and sausages?”.

Their first EP Heartbreak Heartbreak has been pre-released on iTunes and uploaded onto YouTube and Soundcloud for your listening pleasure. When trying to capture the essence of their sound, they confirmed that “when 80’s synthesiser’s make babies with chimey guitars in the heat of summer”, was by far the most accurate. This electro-pop sound went on to LA to play house parties, clubs in San Jose and will return to New York in October. The two agree that their tour at CMW “is just the beginning of a long love affair with North America”.

For more on their newest EP, visit their official website: