The AU Crew Poll: What album are you listening to most right now?

Welcome back to another installment of The AU Crew Poll! This time we asked our lovely contributors to tell us which albums are currently on high rotation and why. The variety of responses not only reflect the diversity of music tastes, but also how far in the past they went, as there were mentions of albums released over the last decade. Here are what some of our contributors had to say…

Kate Miller Heidke – “Little Eve” (2007): It was released a while back now and I was absolutely obsessed with it back then. Somehow I’ve all of a sudden refound it, and rekindled my love for it. It’s such a versatile, all over fantastic record (with the added nostalgic benefit for me) – and it’s really getting me pumped of KMH’s third album coming out this month, Nightflight. She is, in my opinion, one of Australia’s greatest current talents. Really something special. Little Eve has quirkiness, it has slow, sad songs and it has fast, cheery ones – but what’s really great about, I think, is that every song can be interpreted differently, and each track has so many different layers to it, lyrically and musically. These aren’t just pop songs churned out in half an hour – each song on Little Eve is so much deeper than that! – Tanya Ali

Leonard Cohen – “Old Ideas” (2012): The perfect, soft, sweet songwriting of Cohen only gets better with age. Reminiscent of Cash’s great final album, the posthumously released America VI: Ain’t No Grave, there is something honest and final about this. The sultry septuagenarian sings me to sleep most nights. – Elliot Brennan

Florence + The Machine – “Ceremonials” (2011): I’m still listening to this album. The band continues to complement and balance Florence’s powerful voice. It’s simply amazing. Each track is distinct and embedded with meaning that you can’t help but have on repeat. – Zayra Dolores

Deep Sea Arcade – “Outlands” (2012): After waiting for it for years I finally have this retro-tinged, reverb-filled beauty in my hands and it’s an absolute winner inside and out. – Natalie Salvo

AFXJIM – “Powwow Eight – Blackout Music” (2009): AFXJIM is a local Sydney artist and although the album was released in 2009, I only came to know about it recently. It is a multi-instrumental, samples and loops affair; crafted together to create a cinematic masterpiece. People who love The Books will love this album. – Mel Cheng

Lana Del Rey – “Born To Die” (2012): It’s been a long time between favorite albums that I’ve played continuously, as the last was Gentle Ben and his Sensitive Side with Magnetic Island. This time it’s Born To Die. The first two songs I’ve listened to umpteen times whilst the rest of the album shows credible vocals and production and makes me wonder what is next in store for this scrutinised young lady. I’d recommend this album for some sassy, sultry and vintage vocals. – Lyn Harder

Grimes – “Visions” (2012): I’ve been killing this record. It’s an amazing leap forward in cutting edge electronic music. As SBTRKT did last year for 2011, Grimes is defining what 2012 sounds like. – Travis Banko

Pete Rock & CL Smooth – “Mecca & The Soul Brother” (1992): This 90’s classic remains one of the greatest and most underrated hip-hop releases ever. Pete Rock’s immaculate jazz-infused beats provide to perfect backdrop for any mood; and CL Smooth’s raps are as simple-yet-effective as you can get – a must have. – Chris Singh

The Menzingers – “On The Impossible Past” (2012): This record came out the week before the band toured with Soundwave and I think it’s got a spin everyday since. This a record for fans of good, honest and passioned music. Sounding like a cross between Against Me and The Gaslight Anthem, the four piece’s third album is simply a good catchy, melodic rock album. – Jason Strange

Pickwick – “Myths Vol 1-3” (2011): They’re basically complete unknowns here in Australia, I ended up having to buy their EP from a record store in Seattle. They have this great soulful vibe which just sounds fantastic on record. Hacienda Motel is probably my favourite song of the year so far. – Simon Clark

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