The AU Crew Poll: How often do you download the iTunes Single of the Week?

Welcome to our new feature the AU crew poll, in which we ask our contributor base a simple question and take a look at the results. This week we asked our contributors: How often do you download the free “Single of The Week” on iTunes? Here were the results:

Rest assured that Apple have not paid for this article, so you may be wondering why we asked this question. Well, it stemmed out of my own curiosity. Over the years I have discovered quite a few artists via the free weekly downloads, Washington and Gypsy & The Cat to name ones of recent memory, so I was keen to see who else utilised the service. I also started to notice a trend of bands hitting a new level of popularity following the release of their free iTunes track.

From this of course, my next question was: Have you discovered any artists using this service?. Here were some of the responses:

“They were local bands/acts that I’d already heard of, but not really heard (from memory, Inland Sea and Scott Spark). I used it as more of a sampler to see if I’d like their stuff.” – Heath Carney

“Yes it was a band who I hadn’t listened to before. I listened to the song after download and found it lacking. Can’t remember the band’s name if that’s any indication ;)” – Jennifer Morgan

“More often than not its a recommendation from a friend so I get to love new music this way which is awesome.” – Karina Carroll

“I’ve discovered Gypsy & The Cat, Tennis, Jinja Safari and Guineafowl this way. I’ve usually heard the song on JJJ beforehand but aren’t sure who the artist is. Upon hearing the song this way I usually associate the artist with the song!” – Travis Banko

“Yes, its a great idea as i’ve heard some good stuff that i might not have given a chance otherwise!” – Lyn Geisel

“Yes, I have. I only do it occasionally, but have discovered some great acts through it, amongst them Scott Spark and Slow Down Honey. It’s a great initiative.” – David Young

As for why NEVER was so prevalent, contributors said that either they didn’t use iTunes (out of principle of lack of necessity) or they didn’t realise iTunes HAD a Free Single of the Week. Though one particularly passionate response caught my eye:

“Visiting iTunes for the free stuff is like the milk being placed at the back of the supermarket – you’re already in the door. I’m more likely to download from, myspace or a music blog.” – Naomi Rahim.

If you, too, didn’t realise this service existed, just scroll down the homepage of your iTunes store and you’ll find the links pretty easily. And in case you’re wondering, the free single this week on iTunes Australia is “The City” by Patrick Wolf. You can also grab a free download of the new Music Video “The Truth” from PNAU. It’s a great way to discover new music and embrace new material from bands you already know and love.


Thank you to all the contributors who participated in this poll. Next time, we’ll be finding out about the AU crew’s favourite venues around the country. Until next time!

Larry Heath

Founding Editor and Publisher of the AU review. Currently based in Toronto, Canada. You can follow him on Twitter @larry_heath or on Instagram @larryheath.

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