the AU [audio] interview: Art Vs Science (Sydney)

A couple of hours before they played their sold out show at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney, Larry Heath caught up with Art Vs Science and got them to answer some questions from their fans… They went on to discuss their best experiences as a band, stealing a stool (and giving it back), hedgehogs, fruits, speaking French, rainbows, philosophy, traffic on the M4, producing the new album, gongs, guitars, tambourines, french electro, Christopher Walken and more!

This interview was recorded by Moshcam. The band’s full performance for the night, as well as video interview, will be available soon on Moshcam!

Larry Heath

Founding Editor and Publisher of the AU review. Currently based in Toronto, Canada. You can follow him on Twitter @larry_heath or on Instagram @larryheath.

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