TANGENT LAUNCH with THE VIGNETTES – QBar, Oxford St (18.8.09)

It’s always interesting to see how a crowd will react to a band they probably haven’t heard of, especially when that crowd is full of people in the fashion and art industries. In other words – people who don’t really consider themselves “into live music”. Last night’s launch of the new fashion-focused “Tangent Magazine” was another opportunity to witness this phenomenon in action.

The band in question was up-and-comers The Vignettes, a two piece from Sydney, made up of Joel and Katie. With a girl on drums, and a guy on vocals and guitar, the immediate comparisons to the White Stripes are obvious – but unfounded. They sound nothing like them and I’m sick of such comparisons just because a band has two members of the opposite sex! But I digress…

Rather, the band really gave off a Paper Scissors sort of vibe (for lack of a better comparison) – that borderline dance feel, yet wholly rock and roll, and seemingly spontaneous. The tracks, while no doubt played as recorded, sort of had that “let’s add in this, and this- and that!” which is certainly a compliment. It made it a whole lotta’ fun.

But most in the place, as expected, seemed unimpressed (although who knows what they actually thought) – moving far away from the stage so they could chat about “more important things”, no doubt pleased when the band reached their closing track “The Rich”. And as they walked off stage, telling anyone who didn’t like them, to, in a word, go fuck themselves – it couldn’t help but come off as strangely appropriate for the crowd they had just played to.

But any exposure is good exposure – and with the 25 minute set, they can happily say they impressed at least one person – this guy right here. me.

Larry Heath

Founding Editor and Publisher of the AU review. Currently based in Toronto, Canada. You can follow him on Twitter @larry_heath or on Instagram @larryheath.