Stumbled Upon #069 – James Franklin (Melbourne)

In our 69th instalment of “Stumbled Upon”, we meet James Franklin from Melbourne, and chat about his inspirations from Stevie Wonder to Sting and get a sneak peak at a track his debut EP, The Laundry Room Mixtape.

Band Name:

James Franklin

Website / Social Media:

Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter



Members & their roles:

James Franklin – Vocals / Guitar

What music or artists inspired you?

I was inspired by many artists from my parents CD collection such as The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, James Taylor, Sting and Alison Krauss and later I found artists like Jason Mraz, Chris Stapleton and Marvin Gaye on my own. I have been inspired by every genre at some point in my life.

How did you get started?

I think I sang before I was able to speak. My mum and dad always had music playing in the house, so I was constantly being inspired. At seven years old I wrote my first song, but it wasn’t until I was about 13 that I started playing music live and writing songs that I thought were alright. It was around then that practice became serious.

How would you best describe your live show:

You will dance then cry and then dance and cry.

What shows do you have coming up?

I play in and around Melbourne every weekend. Keep an eye on Facebook for more dates.

Tell us about your latest release:

“Sleepwalking” was released last month and is the only single from my upcoming EP The Laundry Room Mixtape, it is a soul song that talks about sticking it to the man and following your dreams. Check it out if you like to dance.

Where can I get your music?

“Sleepwalking is available on Bandcamp now and my debut EP The Laundry Room Mixtape will be available on iTunes and other major streaming services in late July.

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