Stumbled Upon #018 – Daryl James (Brisbane, Australia)

Photo: Lizz Maggs Photography

In our 18th instalment of “Stumbled Upon”, we meet North Wales’ born and now Brisbane local Daryl James , and chat about arriving in Brisbane with nothing to spare to playing a series of shows at the Brooklyn Standard.

Daryl James

Website / Social Media:


Members & their roles:
I, Daryl James, play as a solo artist on guitar, mandolin, and singing/spoken word, with full foot percussion (mini snare, cajon and tambourine). I also play with my full band, with bass drums and fiddle.

The line-up is Daryl James- Guitar/voice, Tom Pixy – Violin/melodica/keys, Jon Pugh – Drums/voice, Jeremy Wan – Bass

What music or artists inspired you?
John Butler, Andrew Bird, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Blackbird Raum, Death From Above 1979, Fat Freddys Drop

How did you get started?
I arrived in Brisbane after travelling around SE Asia, with no money, and a guitar. I began busking, and from that started getting gigs, eventually the time came to get a full band together. It has gone on from there, and we seem to be getting busier and busier 🙂

How would you best describe your live show:
Our live shows are energetic, sweaty, everyone up and dancing, free, fun, and unifying,! Leave your ego’s at the door for a good old fashioned knees up!

What shows do you have coming up?
11/2/15 – Brooklyn Standard, Brisbane
4/3/15 – Brooklyn Standard, Brisbane
19/3/15 – Brooklyn Standard, Brisbane

Tell us about your latest release:

We have just finished tracking a 4 track Mini-EP, which is due to be finished by March/April, which we are all very excited about!

Where can I get your music?

You can get our music at Bandcamp.