Sons of the East reveal awaited debut album, Palomar Parade

Credit: Pat O’Hara

Lovable folk-pop trio Sons of the East have today released their highly-anticipated debut album, Palomar Parade. The soulful and melodic project – their first since 2019 EP Burn Right Through – is exceptionally unique with a modern twist.

Known for their boisterous live shows and distinct three-part harmonies, the Sydney underdogs exploded overseas and their success eventually followed them home. With each song being bigger than the last, previous singles “You Might Think”, “On My Way” and “Undone” showcase the diverse influence and styles of the record.

Palomar Parade is all of our favourite songs written over the last two years,” the band explains. “Some came to us in a day, some came to us over the course of a year, but all of them shone in the sometimes-brutal process of making a record.”

Sons of the East may not be a name that you recognise, but they have quietly taken over the globe with 300 million streams and relentless international touring. The band effortlessly blends classic folk and country blues elements with contemporary production to create an infectious and unmistakable sound. Acoustic and electric guitars, soft piano and warm pads lift you up, while driving kicks and liberal tambourine make you want to get down.

“For us this album doesn’t represent just one theme. We wanted to create a record that explores multiple ideas and transcends the traditional boundaries of genre. Being human is a messy business. It’s painful, it’s joyous, it’s mundane, it’s exciting. The process of creating this album was a similar experience, and we can’t wait to take these songs to the stage.”

Palomar Parade represents the vast emotions of the human experience in a way that just makes you want to dance. A career built on friendship and community has strengthened the bond between bandmates Dan Wallage, Nic Johnston and Jack Rollins, as well as their passionate fans all around the world. From heartbreakers to stompers, this record has something for everyone from all walks of life.


The boys are currently on their huge world tour in Europe and North America, with tickets available at remaining shows HERE. Follow Sons of the East on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates!