Sam Winters – Sitting Down/Slowing Down Single 2011

Minimalism seems to be the new black and there’s a lot to be said about the power one man, his voice and a guitar can wield. Local Sam Winters doesn’t have the story telling prowess of his contemporaries, but there is something earnest in his vocals and the delivery of his latest project (as a whole), which shows promise of better things to come from the young troubadour.

Winters is a singer/songwriter/producer from Geelong who has recently released the “Sitting Down/Slowing Down” single, which is taken from his forthcoming album due to be released in March. The stripped back bare aesthetic of his sound is unnerving at first listen as there is a real melancholic, ethereal edge to the music. His voice echoes over the single strum of an acoustic guitar like a lone soldier slowly walking to his death.

Winter’s vocal ability leaves a lot to be desired and his nasal tones are somewhat off putting, but the slow moving layered instrumentation in b-side “Won’t Be Far Off” display a dark beauty that leaves me somewhat intrigued as to what else the man is capable of.


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