Review: Jack Panther – why don’t you come over? (2022 EP)

Friday saw Auckland-based queer alt-pop artist Jack Panther release his new EP: why don’t you come over?

The EP, his second, confirms Panther’s position as one to watch; and one of Antipodean Alt Pop heirs apparent. Delivered in style, with a wonderful boldness, the sophomore releases features a captivating mixture of candid lyricism and lush, woozy, instrumentation. 

It’s moody and atmospheric, but there’s a real spark to these six tracks. There’s a real sense of  confidence and self assuredness. That definitely comes across in the bold, and the edgy  stylishness of the EP’s sound. But, also the seeping of the personal into the songwriting, and that sense of intimacy that comes with it, proves that Panther is unafraid to show a little vulnerability. 

“Feels Right” featuring MAURICE, is an early highlight for me. With a strong sense of narrative, “Feels Right” is oozing sensuality and late night vibes. The interplay between the different vocals really helped elevate the track. “Dead Weight”, meanwhile, is angsty, edgy and empowering. It’s the kind of track that you just know will thrive in a live setting.

Another favourite is “SKI LIFT 001”, the most recent single, and probably the strongest track on the EP. Compared to the other tracks, this one is something of a slow burner thanks to its nostalgia laden lyrics and tender instrumentation. It’s completely candid and intimate, and probably the most powerful track on the EP. Certainly, it’s the one I know I’m going to keep coming back to. 

Edgy, bold and captivating, why don’t you come over? is a strong, stylish and confident second outing from the New Zealand artist. And, with writing sessions lined up in Australia and the UK over the next couple of months Jack Panther is just getting started!


why don’t you come over? by Jack Panther is out now. Listen/Download it HERE. You can keep up to date with Jack Panther via Facebook and Instagram.

Header Photo: Matt Hurley

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