Photo Gallery: Austin City Limits Day two ft. Rüfüs Du Sol + Alison Wonderland + girl in red and more (02.10.21)

  • Waytao Shing
  • October 3, 2021
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Day two of Austin City Limits 2021 brought some amazing acts that you need to check out. The Hu, a Mongolian throat singing metal band is something else and needs to be experienced.

Be on the watch for Amber Mark who to me felt like the early days of Janelle Monae and really belted it out to an early crowd. If you like the smokey voices of Wild Child, an Austin favourite then you’ll enjoy Sir Woman, which is the Kelsey Wilson’s R&B project.

Swinging towards alt-pop sounds, check out Mob Rich, a duo from LA with nice hooks and deep tracks. A number of their tracks were on the theme of ‘belonging’, which in a post-covid world rings ever so true.

girl in red is pop music by Norwegian Marie Ulven. You know her with the radio hit that is “Serotonin”. But this 22-year-old artist has no filter and was enjoyable as she talked about eating too much chicken and asking for her shoes back after kicking them off and running around, singing her heart out.

Remi Wolf (pictured above) is a wonderful ball of energy jumping all around the stage. With everyone being stuck inside learning about themselves in recent times, we’ve got more songs fueled by, and providing a release for depression and addiction.

Freddie Gibbs got the young crowd absolutely raging, screaming “Fuck the Police” throughout his set. He brought a lot of hip hop energy out of the attendees.

Doja Cat surprised me with an elaborate, ornate set, and an extremely well-choreographed performance. In this modern era of digital displays, her beautiful garden on stage was a welcome change and suited her and her music.

Alison Wonderland and Rüfüs Du Sol anchored in the Australian talent for night two of ACL 2021, and brought the dance floor out, as everyone was jamming to the end of the beautiful day.

Waytao was in Austin, Texas, to bring you these images.