Photo Gallery: Austin City Limits Day Three ft. Tyler, The Creator + Erykah Badu + Karol G and more (03.10.21)

  • Waytao Shing
  • October 4, 2021
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Day three of Austin City Limits continued on a high. Mother Mother from Canada kicked off the Honda Stage with a strong set that resonated with a relatively young crowd, with their loud, diverse indie rock.

Jessie Murph on the Lady Bird stage performed her first-ever live performance. She looked extremely comfortable whilst talking, and had many emotional and vulnerable tracks. With Murph among them, it is going to be interesting to see the rise of many young stars off of social media platforms like Tiktok and Instagram in the years ahead.

Speaking of, Sofia Valdes was wonderful. In a poignant moment, she talked about hating singing her more depressing songs, but performed them perfectly nonetheless.

The BMI stage was filled with many young artists on the rise. Public Library Commute had a wonderful summer anthem and is definitely one to watch. Tenille Arts is a Canadian country singer with a wonderful voice, and included great covers of Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus.

A low point of the day was Polo G. With a large stage and a packed crowd anticipating some raucous hip-hop, it turned into a short set with incomplete songs and Polo G stepping out after 20 minutes for a smoke break and never returned.

Yet minutes after on the T-Mobile Stage, Marc Rebillet (pictured above) demonstrated what passion and fun could be. This wild man danced and moved the crowd like no other. This internet sensation truly has fun and I think the crowd loves him even more for it.

Karol G, no relation to Polo G, came out with a huge dance number and the Latin crowd showed up for her. She sang in Spanish and whilst I couldn’t understand what she was singing, there was nothing that could stop my enjoyment. It was a well-rehearsed set.

Erykah Badu had some powerful graphics tied to her set and did not disappoint. She started right on time with a lengthy drum and bass solo and came out blazing in her very unique outfits. Truly a queen.

Tyler, The Creator capped off what was a beautiful day with an exquisite set, complete with a boat on stage. He allowed the crowd to finish many of his songs as he took some time to catch his breath. It was well deserved as he was constantly running around the stage to ensure fans on all sides could see and enjoy his performance.

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