Photo Gallery and Live Review: Paul Dempsey + Ro – Melbourne Recital Centre (14.11.18)

Wednesday night at the Melbourne Recital Centre, one of Australia’s best loved talents, Paul Dempsey, was joined by one of our finest rising stars, Ro for a very special night of music.

Ro kicked the night off with a stunning set,  “Life Hack”, “Lover, All Over Again”, “Hollow Hearts”, “New Years Falls”, “Life of the Party”, her latest single “*F**cked Up Over You” and “Diary”, which closed the set. This week the talented artist dropped a new video for her latest single, which you can check out here.

Paul Dempsey meanwhile delivered a setlist that included included favourites from his solo material, including “Ramona Was A Waitress”, “Morningless” (he joked that he wrote himself a gym membership because it’s a fast song), “Idiot Oracle”, “Out Of The Airlock” and “Theme for Mr Nice Guy”, which closed the night and saw everyone in the room singing along.

There were some Something For Kate songs played too, a new track in “Monsters” and he even covered David Bowie‘s “Life On Mars” and “Stop” by Sam Brown. Ever the entertaining and oft hilarious performer, Dempsey gave everyone in the crowd a night to remember, as beautiful projections sat against the back wall. He also talked about a project he recently worked on organised by Jae Laffer from The Panics. They were invited to an old house in West Pilbara with other musicians for three days to write music, the result is an album out this Friday called The Vast Project. So look out for that!

Rebecca Houlden brings us these photos from the night: