Philadelphia Grand Jury – The Good News (Yacht Club DJ's Remix 2010)


The UK’s legendary Club NME will be hitting our shores this month for a party night of mayhem featuring Australia’s own Philadelphia Grand Jury, Yacht Club DJ’s, Purple Sneaker’s DJ’s and a special set from Andy Rourke (The Smiths). In celebration of the impending Austral ian Tour the phenomenal Yacht Club DJ’s have put their own unique spin on the Philly Jay’s  pop gem The Good News. This one goes down in true raver style with massive beats and a lot of grinding electronic noise , complete with the obligatory 80’s computer game sound effects,  that’ll have you reaching for your glow sticks and shaking your arse on the dance floor like a five year old on a sugar high. A good taste of what’s to come at what’s sure to be one hell of a party.

Right click and Save HERE for a copy of the song!