Peter Garrett kicks off his BIGSOUND Opening Keynote with the ten things he's learnt as a musician

As we write and publish this, Midnight Oil’s Peter Garrett is delivering his BIGSOUND opening keynote to a packed theatre in Brisbane. He kicked off his address with a 1 minute summary of his time in the music industry – narrowing it down to a “clickbait style list” of the ten things he learnt from his years as a musician:

1. It’s about the song.
2. You’ve got to believe.
3. Teamwork makes it happen.
4. The small print is as important as the headline.
5. If at first you don’t success you learn more and you try again.
6. Protect your copyright, respect your audience.
7. There’s always room for dissent, there’s always room to experiment.
8. Everyone is a fan.
9. You’ll meet people on the way up and you’ll meet them on the way down.
10. It IS a long way to the shop if you want a sausage roll, but it tastes pretty good once you get there.

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Larry Heath

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