Peaking Lights sign to Weird World and announce Album Release

It is with great excitement that we announce the signing of West Coast dub-pop duo Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis, AKA Peaking Lights, to Domino label Weird World.

The husband-wife duo’s first release for the label will arrive on November 18th 2011 with this year’s highly acclaimed “936” album, hitherto only available as a much sought-after import outside of North America (where it was released by the great Not Not Fun.)

A hauntingly beautiful, intensely immersive record that merges elements of dub, psych, minimal house, disco and krautrock with a distinct pop sensibility, “936” is a fiercely unique, exciting work and a great window into a wonderfully close, creative and prolific songwriting partnership.

In more news, the band are due to start recording their next record in November of this year. The record is to be self-produced and engineered by Al Carlson (Yeasayer, Ford & Lopatin, Oneohtrix Point Never) in New York City. As-of-yet untitled, it is due for release through Weird World (world ex-USA) and Mexican Summer (USA) early next year 2012.

A note from Aaron on the next record: “ The songs that we’ve been working on have been very groovy and psyched out, foraging deeper into new rhythm techniques and territories, smoother bass lines w/ a heavy dub influence looking outward to private press boogie records, african & latin rhythms and tranced vibrations of the most killer all nite party you’ve never been to: less cocaine, more weed, a sustained orgasm, maintaining 100% creative control, late hot summer nights, come down chill room and low lit zone, lazer light show, smoke machines, being naked and watching the sun rise. This has been inspired by a long wild ride of a year with the birth of our son Mikko Lorenzo Dunis Coyes being at the helm of inspiration. We’re working on moving in new directions, there’s a lot of things we’ll never give up in our passion for making killer chunes but the birth of our son has been an eye opening event to infinite possibilities…”

In celebration of today’s announcement, Aaron and Indra have dug deep into their formidable record collection in order to conjure up the latest in a series of amazingly eclectic mixes. Download now.

“936” will be available on CD and via digital download.

The tracklist is as follows:

1. Synthy
2. All The Sun That Shines
3. Amazing And Wonderful
4. Birds of Paradise Dub Version
5. Hey Sparrow
6. Tiger Eyes (Laid Back)
7. Marshmellow Yellow
8. Summertime