Owl Eyes – Faces (2010 EP)


Knowing that Brooke Addamo is yet another pretty young Australian Idol reject, I was ready to write off her music as more over produced blasé pop nonsense without a second thought. And whilst she’s definitely not breaking any new ground with her sickly sweet 80’s synth pop, Addamo is set to make her mark on the Australian music scene with


, the debut EP of her musical nom de plume

Owl Eyes


Everything about Owl Eyes is sugar coated and cutesy, from her look to her vocal delivery, which does start to grate on the nerves rather quickly. However, the collection of songs that make up the


EP display a level of intelligence and dreamy nostalgia that makes for surprisingly pleasant listening. The influence of producer Jan Skubiszewski is obvious in the layered instrumentation and the resulting rich texture of the music. 

Title track “Faces” is a fantastical soundscape of sweeping synth, cow bells and glockenspiel that are a gorgeous backdrop for Addamo’s breathy vocals. The other standout of the release is “1+1”. With its sweet keyboard melodies and string arrangements, this track has a an ethereal feel and dark undertone that gives it an air of mystery and danger, far outstripping the simple romantic vibe of the remainder of the EP     

Owl Eyes has borrowed a lot from the likes of Sally Seltmann, Feist and Ladyhawke in the journey to discovering her own sound. Which put simply is cute, wistful pop that isn’t particularly striking or exciting, but it is catchy and fun and sure to appeal to a wide market.  

Photo Gallery: 6/10