Opinion: 5 Reasons Why We Love Australian Music

Here at The AU Review, we love nothing more than supporting our local talent. Here are just a few reasons why we believe you should listen to more Australian music…

1. Keepin’ it real – First and foremost, the majority of songs are about the reality of hardships, love, unrequited love, being happy and many other topics. It’s not all about flashy cars, diamond rings, designer clothes or scoring the hottest chick around.

2. The live scene – Believe me when I say that you should get out there and watch some of the artists/bands perform live! I have been to so many gigs and have come back in awe at how much better they sound live than they do digitally. That’s not even half of it. There have also been many instances when I discovered how great some of the supporting acts are too.

3. Original content – In an industry that loves to revert back to cover songs or even take samples, this would generally be an expensive exercise for our homeland heroes. Instead, they prefer to dabble in their songwriting skills to express themselves and perhaps be seen as a credible music act.

4. Patriotic pride – There’s nothing like listening to a song by an Australian and feeling an ounce of inner pride, like it was performed by someone you know personally.

5. Avoid the bitter end – As small as the Australian music industry is, it is unfortunate when bands dissipate based on lack of cohesion or support. After 11 years together, Jet recently decided to part ways to focus on their individual endeavours. All the best of luck to them!