New Music Discoveries 4th August: Carla Geneve, Molly Millington, Rin McArdle and more

As we roll into August, we’ve added 10 new tracks, including two exclusive premieres to our Discovery playlist on Spotify and Apple Music. Our track of the week is “Bills” from Perth’s Carla Geneve.

“Bills” is the first track from Carla Geneve from her upcoming second album, HERTZ. The track is a wonderful blend of pop, indie and alt-country. There’s a hypnotic groove running through the core of the track that is fabulous.

The track is about the difficulty of paying the bills can impact on a relationship. Geneve expands: “It’s about being entirely in love with someone that was stuck in a continuous work schedule doing something they hated. Money was the issue, but you can’t buy someone out of a bad situation, especially if you’ve got no cash either.”

The track has a confessional quality to it, and is imbued with honesty. “My experience had broadened – I’d been touring and working so hard for so long and then I finally had a chance to do not much at all. I was also diagnosed with bipolar at that time. Understanding the implications of that diagnosis is a big part of this album,” HERTZ is to be released on the 27th October.

“Foreign Accent” is the brilliant new single from singer-songwriter Molly Millington. Her first drop of new music for 2023, the single’s release coincides with the announcement of her signing with Nettwerk Australia and whisperings of more music on the way. According to Molly, the track is “about doing things you usually wouldn’t purely because the way it’s presented is not what you’re used to… For example, saying yes to a marriage proposal because you’re in another country and everything seems more exciting and romantic but then remembering when you get home that you actually don’t believe in marriage and possibly might not even be into men.” The whole thing is a lot of fun — vibrant, full of energy, style and excellent storytelling.

Brenn! Is a new artist from Tuscaloosa, Alabama and his version of folk music is finding a legion of fans. At only 19-years of age, the handful of singles released so far have certainly hit their mark. His previous single, “4runner” from earlier this year has already notched up more that 25 million streams on Spotify. His latest release “Valapriso” is another gem packed with emotion, vocals that effortless oscillate to the upper registers and beautiful guitar work.

Christian Madden & The Enemy Chorus are a UK-based ensemble of friends fronted by the founder member of The Earlies and Liam Gallagher’s keyboard player. New single “Athletico Talbot” is named after “one of the worst 5-a-side teams East Lancashire has ever seen” and was devised by Madden as “some kind of uptempo sports montage music”. The end result is a hugely enjoyable slice of organ-led instrumental soul and funk. It’s a vibe! One for fans of Booker T, Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio & more.

“Another Word” is the final track on Melbourne singer-songwriter Rin McArdle’s new self-titled debut record. It’s an absolutely gorgeous slice of alternative country rock, vocal that builds beautifully to this crescendo of layered guitars and vocals. It’s full of texture and emotion. Really it’s no surprise that McArdle counts Courtney Barnett and Camp Cope amongst her admirers.

Vermonts “Regretting Me” is the first track of the year from these emo rockers. It’s an angsty anthem about a relationship’s end. Vibrant vocals over punchy riffs give a pop edge to an otherwise sad song.

Finally, we’ve added premieres from The Elsewheres and GODSWOUND.

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Here’s the complete list of new additions this week:

Carla Geneve “Bills”
Antonio Barret “Yes Please”
Brenn! “Valapriso”
Molly Millington “Foreign Accent”
Christian Madden & The Enemy Chorus “Athletico Talbot”
Vermont “Regretting Me”
Stranded “Aftermath”
Rin McArdle “Another Word”
The Elsewheres “Take my Hand” [Exclusive EP Premiere]
GODSWOUNDS “Tantamount Love” [Exclusive Video Premiere]

Header image of Carla Geneve by Billy Reeves