Music Video Monday feat. Boy & Bear, John Butler, Reckless Vagina, Dead Letter Circus, Beastie Boys, Little Barrie, Gay Paris, The Death Set and more!

  • Larry Heath
  • August 8, 2011
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Since we missed last Monday due to our slow return from Splendour in the Grass, we’re making up for it this week with a MASSIVE Music Video Monday. Plenty of Australian love alongside artists from around the world. So who’s got the coveted music video of the week spot? Well it’s none other than Boy & Bear who released their debut album Moonfire on Friday and have blown crowds away at Lollapalooza over the weekend. The track is “Milk & Sticks”:

Next up, The Death Set have just released a new video for their single ‘It’s Another Day’ which is from their brilliant album Michel Poiccard.

Here’s what lead singer Johnny Siera had to say about the clip: “Recently we were lucky enough to colab with some Scion AV funding to create a video for “It’s Another Day” off our new LP “Michel Poiccard” (Counter / Ninja Tune). No drugs, nudity, sex, violence or curse words allowed. So with those fun things out of the picture, what to do? Just the most absurd thing possible. Absurdism in reaction to commerciality. Love found covered in gluttony’s placenta… You just have to watch and see. Spread the absurdist love.”

John Butler and Mama Kin can be seen next on the Hudson River, singing ‘Losing You’ and revelling in a twilight New York moment. Download the track on iTunes – to help raise funds to Save The Kimberly.

The enjoyably named Reckless Vagina have a fun video here for “Hit & Miss”

The new video for Dead Letter Circus‘ track “Reactions” follows the band on the road…

We move to London now to check out Little Barrie‘s new clip for “How Come”, off their killer new album King of the Waves.

Meanwhile, in America, the Beastie Boys have teamed up with Santigold for the track “Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win”. It’s the best video featuring Barbie zombies you’ll see this year! Oh but it’s 11 minutes so make sure you get a comfy chair…

Gay Paris, who we featured a few weeks back, have returned with the similarly excellent clip for “The Blacktooth Supper Club”. It’s the 3rd single from debut album, The Skeleton’s Problematic Granddaughter which is out now in all rad record shops and/or on the interwebs…

Now it’s time for the new video from Japanese Popstars and their new track “Joshua”, which features… a gibbon?! AMAZING. Their LP, Controlling Your Allegiance, is out now.

Just in the country for Splendour, The Kills have released their new video for “Future Starts Slow”. Having been side of stage for their set at Splendour, I feel I should mention that the intro to this video is indeed their pre-show ritual before every show. I saws it myselfs! Rad.

The next one’s been out for a while but I’m loving it. It’s the clip for The Honey Month for their track “The Owl”. The Brisbane five piece are really making some sweet sounding tunes. Something seriously is in the water in that city…

Our final video for this week comes from Hugo Race and is called “Too Many Zeroes”, from the album Fatalists. The video was directed by Simon Harsent, styled by Annabel Barton and edited by Donald Baldie.

That’s all for this week – see you next time! And check back throughout the week for more videos…

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