Music Video Monday feat. Bon Iver, Jebediah, Witch Hats, The Vasco Era, Dead Letter Chorus, Damn Terran, Sietta, Ben Salter, The Dead Leaves, Lady Gaga and FreeSol

  • Larry Heath
  • August 22, 2011
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…and we’re off! A massive Music Video Monday for you today – once again published minutes before the day is over… but this is so jam packed you’ll understand why! First up is our music video of the week: Bon Iver and “Holocene”. Maintaining the snow/ice theme of our winner last week, the video – directed by Aussie Nabil Elderkin – is a stunner. And that doesn’t even pay mention to the beautiful song that encompasses it.

Perth heroes Jebediah are continuing to impress on the comeback trail, and here now is their latest clip for “Battlesong”. They recently announced a pile of new tour dates:

No strangers to the AU review are Dead Letter Chorus, who continually impress with their music videos. “All Mine”, their latest, is no exception, taken off their sophomore album Yearlings which has received plenty of love in the AU offices. The video was created by Peter Ireland for Blacklab Productions and was shot in Brisbane’s West End.

The winner of the “Most Popular Male” award at the Q Music Awards last week was Ben Salter of The Gin Club, who comes to us next with his track “The Coward”. It’s the first single from his debut solo album The Cat which was released independently through MGM and is in stores now. Ben will be touring nationally through September go to for dates.

We love the next band on this list so very much! Witch Hats have returned with “Hear Martin”, recorded at The Palais in Melbourne. It’s the first single off their upcoming album Pleasure Syndrome, which we can’t wait for. Well done to director Aimee-Lee X. Curran for this one. It’s a great effort!

Keeping with the local theme, Melbourne’s Damn Terran are next, who have been impressing audiences around Australia supporting DZ Deathrays and Children Collide. Their track is the infectious “Rational Economic Man”.

Melbourne based collective Pastel Prairie bring us the next clip – it’s for The Vasco Era and the track is called “Child Bearing Hips”. By now I’m sure you’ve heard it on the radio! It’s a great track, and a great video. Their self-titled album is due on October 14th, and the band is on the road now to celebrate!

Moving on, The Dead Leaves have release a video clip for the first single off their debut album Cities On The Sea, “If The Shoe Fits”.

Recently released by Sietta was the brilliant album The Seventh Passenger. It’s off this record that we find our next video “What Am I Supposed To Do?”

I don’t usually add videos with too high a profile to our Music Video Monday feature, but I had to throw in Lady Gaga‘s new one, “You and I”. It’s a damn good clip, and explains the whole ‘mermaid in a wheelchair’ thing from her show in Sydney.

Finally, we have a video that’s making a few waves around the world right now – it’s FreeSol with “Hoodies On Hats Low” – and it was directed by , who makes a guest appearance in the clip. The band are a five piece from Memphis, and this is the first single off their new record No Rules which comes out in October.

Let us know what you think of the above videos on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll see you again next week!

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