Music Matters Interview: Your Girl Pho (WA) talks about the flourishing Perth music scence

Neo-Soul artist from Western Australia Your Girl Pho is strikingly unconventional in her music, and her fabulous baby pink outfit – Juicy with a strong kick of spice, just like a good Pho. Originally a solo project (just Phoebe Gunson and her laptop), drums and saxophone have now been added, changing the entire set.

Having recently embarked on an Australian tour she used as, “an opportunity to trial all my new material,” as well as having worked out how to keep the energy high in short thirty minute sets at Music Matters, Your Girl Pho was well prepared to put on a good show in Singapore.

The addition of two band members has moved Your Girl Pho from a strong “electronic sound to a more soul jazzy band sound.” As Gunson explains: “I used to have to entertain a whole room of people myself and now I can rely on my band members to provide a bit of performance themselves.”

Constantly spitting out new music, Your Girl Pho have an EP ready to go. But, after an already hectic year, we’ll have to wait until next year for it’s release. Joking about her casual approach to music, and the change from being a small individual artist to a band growing quickly in popularity, Gunson quips, “I’m so used to just dropping songs at 2am on a Monday night, now I have to think about peak times” and have a plan.

With a huge vocal range matched by her huge on-stage energy, Your Girl Pho is one to watch, in what Gunson describes as a surprisingly large group of “female soul vocalists with jazz bands behind them” in Western Australia. Celebrating the booming music scene in Perth, Gunson says it’s easy to wonder “where am I sitting in this scene, and I get really confused about what I want my direction to be.” However, this confusion, and collectivism in the isolated Perth music scene has done wonders for the versatility of the band’s sound. Which is something we can look forward to on the forthcoming EP.

Talking on her love for performance Gunson shares that “shows are her favourite part”, but realises too that it’s time to get back in the studio and write some more songs to share with all of us!

To learn more about Your Girl Pho check out their Facebook page HERE

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