Music Matters Interview: Veronica Fusaro (Switzerland) talks upcoming releases and songwriting

Up and coming Swiss singer-songwriter Veronica Fusaro showcased her soulful, passionate pop at this years Music Matters in Singapore and sat down with Larry to discuss all things music!

Fusaro has now released two EPs and has become a pro at touring since the release of her most recent EP ICE COLD. Shocked at the positive reaction she’s been receiving, she explained that on the Music Matters main stage it was quite noisy, but that people were still attentive, self deprecatingly thanking the crowd saying: “I’m really appreciative of that even though I’m just here with a guitar and loop station.” Fusaro is a force to be reckoned with, with an endearing confidence: “the response has been great, especially in Switzerland, and now we are trying to take over the world.”

Laidback, and adaptable she explains “that’s the cool thing about my set up, I can either go solo, you can just put me in a corner and then for the bigger shows it makes more sense to play with a band – I really enjoy both.” Veronica’s instinctive songwriting ability, improving with every release, gives us goosebumps thinking about the potential she’s yet to unveil.

Her debut EP Lost in Thought was home recorded, and then released on Soundcloud for free download. Since then she has gotten herself a manager, and everything has gotten a bit more professional from there. Thankfully though, she hasn’t lost her glowing authenticity, sweetly explaining that she “doesn’t think too much about the music I make, I believe in what ever comes out is the most honest you.”

Growing up listening to Italian rock, then discovering radio legends like Michael Jackson, Rihanna and Prince, before finally falling in love with Amy Winehouse and the whole Jazz, RnB, soul world. Veronica’s voice has the technical capabilities to master any style, joking that “there is still a little part of me that wants to be a rockstar.”

Airing her new single, released on October 19th, at Music Matters Fusaro tries not to give too much away but says “this is the start of a new bigger chapter.” The next few months bring with them a heavy touring schedule for Fusaro, who is particularly excited to come visit us and play at Australian Music Week in November.

For more details about Australian Music Week click HERE and to learn more about Veronica Fusaro visit her Facebook HERE

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