Music Matters Interview: Why NZ duo Chores reckon Melbourne is better than Auckland

New Zealand producers Chores had a chat with the AU review during their recent stop in Singapore for Music Matters 2018.

Although originally from Auckland, the boys are making the move to Melbourne, describing it as “the best city in the world.” Discussing Melbourne’s “thriving scene,” Chores acknowledge that “there’s just so much going on all the time” and that it is “a lot more forward thinking” than where they come from.

Their move to Melbourne will see a development in their sound to “something that’s tailored more towards the Australian market.” Also predicting a progression in their songwriting, Chores hope to collaborate with more Aussie artists. With numerous performances with Peking Duk already under their belt, Chores describe their relationship “like an ongoing joke that every time they come to NZ we end up opening for them.” Having solely released singles since 2016, Chores are moving towards releasing a larger body of work.

Managing to catch a talk from Kaskade and his team in between shows, Chores felt that it was “really interesting to just absorb all the information” and learnt “how fundamental putting a good team together is and we really feel like we’ve got that at the moment.” Acknowledging that there’s more to it than just the music, Chores went on to discuss “setting up a plan rather than just kind of winging it the whole time” and the importance of having a business plan as a musician. 

For more about Chores, check out their Facebook page.

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